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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on The Philatelic Forum. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Standards of Conduct

    1. This is a family-friendly forum, so keep it civil. Adult content and foul language are prohibited, as are links to adult content. Do not attempt to bypass the filters through creative spelling, etc.

      Be respectful and avoid personal attacks on others. Be patient with others -- DO NOT treat poorly new or inexperienced collectors, those dealing with a language barrier, or those who merely hold a different opinion.

      Bottom line -- be nice. #
  2. Membership Management

    1. Violation of forum rules or etiquette may result in immediate action regarding membership. This may include temporary suspension or permanent banning. Attempts to bypass suspensions are cause for immediate banning.

      No sockpuppets. Operating multiple accounts simultaneously is prohibited. If you've forgotten your original login info, contact the Admin instead of creating a second account. #
  3. Marketplace

    1. Members must have 25 posts to post auctions/sales in the Marketplace. New members seeking to avoid this limit by making 25 non-quality posts are subject to action at Admin's discretion. Members do not need to have 25 posts to buy at auction/sales or participate in trades/giveaways. The 25-post restriction is only with regard to posting auction/sales offers.

      ThePhilatelicForum.com is not a party to transactions in the Marketplace, and bears no responsibility for said transactions. Parties trading in the Marketplace do so at their own risk.

      All transactions should be posted in the Marketplace, not in the general discussion forums.

      Members' ability to edit their posts is limited in the Auction and Sales forums, unlike the remainder of the site. This is to ensure complete transparency and minimize after-the-fact disputes.

      ThePhilatelicForum.com reserves the right to terminate any transaction, at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of the Admin. #
  4. Photo & Attachment Policy

    1. Members are authorized to upload photos and files to the ThePhilatelicForum.com servers. Members should, however, be mindful of file size. If members abuse this right, it may impact the ability of ThePhilatelicForum.com to provide this convenience.

      Additionally, materials uploaded should generally conform to the purpose of this site -- promoting and discussing philately. Materials which deviate significantly from these purposes are subject to removal at Admin's discretion. #
  5. Avatars

    1. As with images in general, avatars should be within the generally accepted standards of conduct for a family-friendly forum. No animated avatars, either. Avatars can be no larger than 100 x 100 px, with a maximum file size of 25 kilobytes (24.4 kibibytes). Avatars are subject to removal at Admin's discretion. #
  6. Signatures

    1. Signatures are permitted with the following limitations:

      1. Signatures may contain two hyperlinks to websites of the member's choice. Any linked websites must be within the standards of conduct for a family-friendly site, and no links to competing forums may be included.
      2. Signatures may not contain images.
      3. Signatures are limited to a maximum of 255 characters in length.
      4. Once a user has 25 quality posts - signatures may contain links to buy, sell, or trade items on the forum or on other sites, but signatures may not actually list the items.
      5. Use of font colors other than black and/or odd font sizes are allowed, but not encouraged.

      Members have a lot of leeway with their signatures, but please don't create a signature that's obnoxious or distracting. #
  7. Communication

    1. Members are free to use the forum e-mail system. Don't abuse it. Sending uninvited, inappropriate materials will not be tolerated. Spamming is prohibited, obviously. #
  8. Personal Information

    1. DO NOT post personal information in public areas. This includes member mailing or e-mail addresses. The forum's e-mail and PM systems are designed to allow contact without exposing personal information to spiders which crawl the Internet collecting this type of information for spammers. #
  9. Disclaimer

    1. The opinions expressed by members on this site are their own. ThePhilatelicForum.com does not expressly endorse any particular member opinions, advice, or linked content. Members should rely on the opinions of others at their own risk. #
  10. Role of Admin

    1. This is a privately run site. As such, the Admin have full discretion to control the membership and content of the forum, and they are the final judge of any membership/content decisions.

      It's Admin's goal to run a free, open site where members are generally free to operate without significant limitations. However, if Admin is forced to, we will step in. Be nice, exercise good judgment, and have a good time! #