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Forum rules
Members must have 25 posts to post auctions/sales in the Marketplace. Members do not need to have 25 posts to buy at auction/sales or participate in trades/giveaways. The 25-post restriction is only with regard to posting auction/sales offers.

ThePhilatelicForum.com is not a party to transactions in the Marketplace, and bears no responsibility for said transactions. Parties trading in the Marketplace do so at their own risk.

All transactions should be posted in the Marketplace, not in the general discussion forums.

Members' ability to edit their posts is limited in the Auction and Sales forums, unlike the remainder of the site. This is to ensure complete transparency and minimize after-the-fact disputes.

ThePhilatelicForum.com reserves the right to terminate any transaction, at any time, for any reason, at the discretion of the Admin.
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