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[Forum Maintenance] 15-16 Feb 21

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[Forum Maintenance] 15-16 Feb 21


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Our hosting company is performing maintenance on the server overnight on 15-16 18-19 Feb 21, EST in the US.

As part of that maintenance, they'll be making a backup of the forum and then restoring it to a new drive. If all goes well, the transition should be seamless with no downtime, but rarely does all go as planned.

Regardless, even if it goes perfectly, any posts, comments, etc., made after the backup is made will not be transferred to the new drive and will be permanently lost. Therefore, I would encourage you to either not post from the period from the night of 15-16 Feb 21 until I post an update here that the maintenance is complete, or make sure you keep a local backup of what you post so you can recreate it if need be.

I'll post a follow-up once I'm given the word that the move is complete and we're good to return to normal operations.

DATE CHANGE: Now overnight on 19-20 Feb.

DATE CHANGE: Now overnight on 20-21 Feb.

DATE CHANGE: Now overnight on 23-24 Feb.

DATE CHANGE: Now overnight on 26-27 Feb. The hosting company is putting us on a new server, and they're having some difficulty getting it ready for the move. You can continue posting until mid-day Friday, 26 Feb, without risk of losing your posts.

The server move is now complete. You should be able to resume posting without fear of losing anything.

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