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Welcome to the newest forum for discussing all things philatelic!

The most obvious question -- why?

Though there are several good forums out there for discussing stamp collecting, I was frustrated by a few common issues:
  • An unfriendly/unhelpful atmosphere -- stamp collectors can be a prickly bunch, and some forums tend to be very unforgiving of new collectors, those whose English skills or computer skills aren't great, or those with different opinions.
  • Limited features due to the forum software -- this is especially common with forums running older software or free software. The limitations of the old tech or the "free" tech inevitably limit how useful the forum can be for its users.
So, I finally decided to setup my own forum. I'm committed to offering a family-friendly place to discuss stamp collecting. It's my intent to keep the moderation at the minimum necessary to keep things civil and free of spam. You'll also not see any ads in this space.

A couple additional items of note:

1. The forum is powered by phpBB, which is very powerful forum software. But with lots of features, things can inevitably get complicated. If you see something that doesn't work as you believe it should, or if there's something you can't figure out how to do, please see the How To Guides or drop the Admin a note.

2. If you're associated with a philatelic society, organization, or study group, and you're looking for a limited-access area to discuss your topic amongst your membership, contact the Admin about setting up a subforum for your exclusive use. It's free and secure.