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Waving hello from Down Under

This should be your first stop. Introduce yourself and tell us who you are and what you collect!
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Waving hello from Down Under


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As requested I am introducing myself- so here goes…
I returned to collecting a couple of years ago. I was gifted an accumulation used WW stamps (8 large plastic crates) from a deceased family member. Four years ago now, I started to sort them. I went online to do more research, and in doing so I remembered how much fun stamps could be and how relaxing the hobby was. To be honest I am still sorting out this accumulation but have got sidetracked down the many paths stamp collecting can take you.I have read up about perfins and collecting them, about postmarks and collecting them. Pre-cancelled stamps from Canada and Belgium really got me going! Then Topical collecting caught my eye. With me making notes about all sorts of topics. Lately I have been looking at stamps that relate to COVID. It feels a bit self indulgent as although I am having fun putting things in order I have not really settled on a collecting area. That said these stamps are gradually finding their way in chronological order into stock books.

My mother collected stamps all her life. My Grandmother also collected! Mum ran the school stamp club when I was kid. So I collected as a child. Later on Mum ran the approval book circuit at the local stamp club. I also collected as an adult but life got busy and I simply did not have time to be a working mother and keep up the hobby. They taught me a lot about stamps and I guess I realise there are many ways to enjoy this hobby and that no one way is right.

Now the internet has happened! The net has allowed people to communicate easily about their interests. When I was active most people specialised in one country but I notice there are many more topical and WW collectors. I am interested in Used stamps and am starting to shape my new found collecting interests.

Apart from the ‘Grand Sort’ I focused on Australia and then tackled GB, New Zealand and some European countries. I have purchased more stock books but I have a hunch my interests will settle on a couple of groups of countries such as used Scandinavia or Western Europe. Since I am not rich so I will start the collection at 1900 and keep the option open to stop at 2000 - so effectively the 20th century. Anyway that is the state of play at the moment - getting things into stock books with the aim of narrowing down and then mounting in albums. Along the way I have had lots of fun and enjoying my return to stamp collecting.

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