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Greetings from the east of the Netherlands

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Greetings from the east of the Netherlands


Post by Fenrik »

I’m fairly new to stamp collecting as someone barely in my twenties who began more seriously collecting and learning about postal history when I was about 17. Before that I did kind of collect stamps as a kid, but those were usually CTO’s. I did receive someone’s son’s old stamp album with mostly stamps from the Netherlands as a child, and many of those stamps are still part of my collection.

Sadly, I lost quite a few to foxing, which makes it so that I’m usually very careful, perhaps too careful about any potential weird ‘spots’ on my stamps.

The countries I collect the most seriously are the Netherlands and Germany. I also enjoy collecting more modern stamps from Finland and Japan, and the older stamps of several countries in South America. I do like stamps from everywhere, but if I go to buy stamps I typically look out for stamps of those countries.

I’m even contemplating buying an album for both the Netherlands and Germany, especially Germany.

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Post by PostmasterGS »

Welcome, @Fenrik!

I make Germany album pages. If you're interested, you can download them for free on my website (link is in my signature).
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Post by jmh67 »

Welcome, Fenrik!

I also collect Netherlands and Gemany (among a whole lot of other countries), the main difference being that I am based in Germany. Watch out for a PM!


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