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Anyone interesting in trading by catalog value?

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Bob B
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Joined: 11 Oct 2020, 16:00
Location: Dorchester, Ontario
Collecting Areas: Mint or used
Most Europe to about 1980
Most French colonies to independence
Argentina to 1960
Costa Rica to 1975
Ecuador to 1960
Guatemala to 1970
Uruguay to 1970
Venexeula to 1970
A few British commonwealth
1949 upu
1962 malaria
China to 1950
Japan to 1990
Angola, Mozambique, Mozambique company
Canada to 1975
Canada and provinces revenues
USA TO 1975
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Anyone interesting in trading by catalog value?


Post by Bob B »

I collect a large number of countries to about 1980 am looking for trading partners.

I am a reasonably advanced collector

Best regards

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United States of America


Post by stanhou »

Hi Bob,
I am a worldwide collector with a lot of Latin American duplicates. I am especially strong in Venezuela. I would like to trade based on Catalog value. I have a 2018 set of Scott's. Do you have a Venezuela want list for starters? What Latin countries are you strongest in duplicate-wise? What non-Latin areas are you strongest in duplicate-wise? Thanks.

Stan Katz

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